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11 Dec

What Would Happen If the Government Did Not Collect Taxes

In fact, it is irresponsible governance that leads to an economic crisis and irresponsible governance that leads to the destruction of natural resources. If you want to argue that taxation is morally fair so that the state can protect its citizens, then you must agree that the state is responsible for managing markets, regulating finances, and conserving natural resources. The state uses its power to harvest our revenues to redistribute it to its cronies, which it allows to destroy natural resources and crack down without any reasonable financial regulation. The vast majority of victims of tax thieves do not have access to the kind of power it takes to destroy wealth in the way you describe: what you describe is only available to the highs and the powerful; Friends of politicians and lobbyists. From this point of view, withholding tax is the only moral approach, because our taxes are used to subsidize the destruction of wealth for the benefit of the political class and its friends. WHAT A RIDE!! All their comment is circular and completely illogical, money is what we use to establish value, instead of exchanging 3 pigs for 1 cow, we replace this with money, the market (i.e. how buying and selling is currently going) dictates what this monetary number is worth. So that the money you can then exchange for things you need or want has value! Now, that part of your argument has been erased from the board. Let`s move on to understanding the necessity of taxes. We don`t have a flight, because I took it without my consent, it`s as simple as that. As for the arguments about the roads. I pay road tax which is a choice because I bought a car again, which is a choice.

Police, firefighters, local government, etc. I pay council tax, which in turn is a choice (semi-choice, because it`s a bit unfair that not everyone has to pay it) when I buy a house. But even taxing my salary is just theft! I have read enough. People should not bother to read this whole diatribe. If you point a gun at my head and force me to give you the money I <> call it what you will, it`s still theft. It doesn`t matter what happens after my money or property is forcibly taken away from me. It`s always theft. Just like it doesn`t matter if I pay my wife for dinner at an expensive restaurant after beating her.

It`s still an abusive relationship. 1. LVT, increases national income like other tax systems, but should replace them. 2. The cost of collecting the LVT is lower than that of all other taxes related to production, because tax evasion becomes impossible – the different sites are visible to all and their ownership is known to the public. 3. Consumers pay less for their purchases due to lower production costs (see below). This creates greater satisfaction with the management of national affairs.

4. Speculation and restriction of unused land are eliminated (see paragraph 7) and the economy stabilises. It no longer knows the 18-year corporate boom and bust cycle, due to periodic speculation on land values (see below). Specifically, the court noted that the so-called “individual mandate” in the federal Health and Services Act (the requirement to purchase health insurance or make a payment to the federal government) falls within the scope of the tax clause — though Congress has characterized the payment as a “penalty” rather than a “tax” — largely because it would likely have a relatively modest impact on people`s behavior. The court argued that the required payment would likely deter people from leaving without insurance without arrest, which is why it is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. The Court`s decision in the NFIB case on the scope of the tax clause is now the law of the land. Filing a six-month tax extension with Form 4868 will not help. This extension simply gives you more time to submit your documents. It doesn`t give you more time to pay what you owe. Prior to 1913, federal government revenues came primarily from taxes on goods, namely customs duties on imported goods and excise taxes on products such as whisky. The burden of these taxes fell heavily on American workers, who spent a much higher percentage of their income on goods than the wealthy.

When a tax levies a higher percentage of a poor person`s income than a rich person`s income, economists call it “regressive.” But when Congress passed an income tax bill in 1913 after ratifying the 16th Amendment, the tax burden shifted to the wealthy — at least for a while. Fees are incurred at the rate of 5% of unpaid taxes for each month or part of a month in which a tax return is overdue. The fee is maximum after five months, with the penalty for non-submission being 25% of the unpaid tax. The solution to the failure of collective action under the articles lay in the creation of a more powerful and comprehensive governmental entity – a national government with the power to tax, establish and sustain an army, regulate interstate and international trade, and act directly on individuals. The tax clause in Article I, Section 8, is listed first for a reason: the authors decided, and the ratifications of the Constitution agreed, that Congress itself must have the power to “collect and collect taxes. to pay debts and to ensure the common defense and general welfare of the United States.” Congress was given the power to assess, collect, and collect taxes without the need for state assistance, and Congress` fiscal power was not limited to paying off Revolutionary War debt—it was also prospective. For business to thrive in the country, there must be good infrastructure such as roads, telephones, electricity, etc. This infrastructure is developed by governments or with close government involvement. When governments collect money from taxes, they invest that money in the development of that infrastructure and, in turn, promote economic activity across the country. I wonder if Prof.

Would Goff support a tax program to align his income with the rest of the world? Typically, these Rawlsians do all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify income balance within their own borders, but are not as eager to catch up, say, sub-Saharan Africa. Their moral compass begins to turn in all sorts of directions when their ideas of justice would force them to dramatically change their way of life. In 2012, in NFIB v. Sebelius (the health case), the Court clarified much of the confusion. He declined to focus on the primary purpose of the required payment in question, noting that in America, “taxes that seek to influence behavior are not new. Some of our first federal taxes were intended to prevent the purchase of imported industrial products in order to promote the growth of domestic industry. Instead of considering the main purpose of the required payment, the court took a “functional approach” and considered whether the payment was a tax or a penalty on the “convenience features” and likely impact of the payment. Becoming a “taxpayer” is entirely VOLUNTARY. (But I did not fully inform this contract).

Your officials don`t want you to know they need my CONSENT to take your money. No consent + no contract = theft Laws, statutes and laws only apply to cooperating PERSONS and government employees Did I claim to be a British citizen? “NO” What an incredibly convoluted and dishonest attempt to rationalize criminal behavior! Unbridled arrogance and delusional belief that only they know what is best for everyone, combined with ego to impose their will on the unwashed great masses, whether they like it or not. Such people are disgusting.