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12 Dec

Whiplash Law 2020

At Cannon & Associates, we are passionate about all victims of injuries, including car accident cases that have led to whiplash, and we have also represented the interests of those clients who desperately need the help of experienced lawyers to obtain compensation to pay their rising medical bills as well as other special treatments. While there is very little you can do to avoid being run over by another car at traffic lights, there are some precautions you can take to reduce your risk of whiplash. They won`t protect you from a violent impact at high speeds, but they will help you in the event of a low-speed crash (which covers most rear-end collisions anyway). Our Maryland auto accident attorneys took a whiplash case to court earlier this year. The insurance company`s offer was $17,000. We understood why. No objective infringement. Minor property damage. But our client was injured. So we went to court.

Simply put, we beat them for no reason in court and they increased their bid to $200,000 before the jury rendered its verdict. (Notably, this case occurred in Prince George County.) On May 31, 2021, the government made changes to the low-value motor vehicle accident (RTA) grievance claims procedure, most of which are “whiplash claims.” The reforms apply to claims arising from an ATR with a value of less than £5,000. These changes mean that you will have the opportunity to settle these small claims online without having to go to court or seek legal representation. There are many symptoms of whiplash, mainly affecting the neck and shoulders. In compiling the figures, the government considered a number of factors, including the bench`s proposed guidelines for compensation and the average amount of whiplash compensation, as well as the government`s overall goals of controlling costs and benefiting consumers through reduced premiums. Data was collected from a number of sources, including insurance claims data on actual settlements, as well as claimant lawyers and other government departments. Tariffs were raised to take account of inflation and the Lord Chief Justice`s opinion was sought before the figures were finalised. The first factor is the severity of the applicant`s whiplash. Some cervical neck injuries are much more serious than others and result in more pain and a longer healing time. The more severe the injury, the higher the potential payment for whiplash.

Some whiplash patients, especially those with chronic pain after their accident, may use chiropractic to treat their neck injury or reduce pain symptoms. You can claim compensation for chiropractic care for cervical neck pain, just as you can for other medical expenses. You may need to provide medical documentation about your neck injuries to explain the need for chiropractic treatment. Talk to your lawyer about missing work because of your whiplash. The second factor is the credibility of the applicant. Whiplash cannot be identified by diagnostic imaging. They are therefore very subjective by nature. Juries must believe the plaintiff to believe she has severe whiplash. These are rare events, but common enough to motivate insurance companies to ask accident victims about their driving shortly before the accident. You do not have to prove that the applicant was at fault.

Just make the plaintiff so agitated that he signs a whiplash settlement that favors the insurance company. If you are being discharged on your own, with recommendations on who to turn to for further care, you can take the next step. These are all good options after whiplash: whiplash victims want to know how much they can expect from a settlement amount. This page discusses how whiplash claims work and the average settlement value they have in cases at the national level and in Maryland. Whiplash can also be called excessive neck stretching or sprain. This injury is a soft tissue injury that usually occurs in a car accident. Although whiplash can also be caused by extreme sports, serious falls, or other accidents that affect the head and neck area, most of the most common cases have been attributed to car accidents. There are also plenty of jobs where you can still work while you have whiplash, so you may also have less money in lost wages.

Headaches radiating from the base of the skull often result from whiplash. Nearly two-thirds of whiplash victims also suffer from cervical headaches. These are the result of inflamed and irritated facet joints of the neck, either directly by the movement of whiplash or indirectly as a result of swelling of the affected area. Too often, however, offending driver insurance offers the lowest possible billing, barely covering medical expenses. With the help of experienced legal teams, other damages typically awarded to victims of whipping in New York are: As with most bodily injuries, the amount awarded to the victim depends on the severity of the injury. In whiplash, it makes a big difference if there is more damage to the nerves or vertebrae. Doctors perform tests for whiplash and these tests are widely accepted in the medical community. But that doesn`t necessarily mean they`re automatically accepted by insurance companies. These tests are only valid if the patient tells the truth about what hurts and what their range of motion is. These changes were made as part of a package of measures under the whiplash reform program, which addresses the high number and cost of whiplash claims and their impact on the cost of auto insurance premiums. This will help motorists save around £35 a year on their insurance.

Nationally, the average whiplash payment is about $7,500. However, each case of cervical neck bodily injury is unique, and your case will not necessarily fit the median or case examples our lawyers give below. Whiplash usually occurs when your car is hit from behind, sending your body forward and your head rapidly backward, putting a strain on your neck. When your car stops, your head is thrown forward. The speed of these actions causes whiplash. Many insurance companies have processed so many whiplash claims that they have created a “standard” payment scale for internal purposes, but they would like you to believe that this is an industry-wide standard that has the blessing of the court. Although whiplash often occurs due to a car accident, it does occur in many scenarios, including an accident where your head suddenly moves back and forth. This whip-like neck snap gives whiplash its name. You`ll always run out of money, and this type of injury will likely result in a change in your lifestyle for a while, so claiming compensation for whiplash is valid. In some cases, physical therapy for your whiplash is time-consuming, especially if you have chronic or persistent pain.

The statistics presented in this publication are compiled by the Official Damage Claims Service and are currently published on the official Damage Claims website. However, we will consider whether to publish future news releases on GOV.UK and inform stakeholders of changes to the timing and/or location of this data on these pages and of warnings to stakeholders. If you would like to receive notifications from Ministry of Justice stakeholders regarding these reforms, please send an email request to After consulting a doctor for whiplash symptoms, you may be given specific instructions to maximize your recovery. Your doctor may ask you to avoid certain activities or rest as much as possible while you heal from your injuries. Your doctor may also recommend treatment, including rest, physical therapy, or medications to help with pain management. Ignoring your doctor`s instructions can jeopardize your recovery and injury claim. If you`ve been in a car accident, especially if you`ve been in the back, you may be wondering if you have whiplash.