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12 Dec

Why Do You Want to Work at Amazon Legal

When I prepare people for their interviews, I usually guide them first with a few basic interview questions, and one of them is, “Why do you want to work here?” Pretty standard question, right? I think so, but you`d be surprised how many people don`t have a good answer. Many software engineers want to work at Amazon to get competitive salaries and benefits. But when Amazon recruiters or hiring managers ask, “Why Amazon?” they look for what requires you to join their teams. “In my opinion, Amazon is now the most exciting and dynamic company in the world. He always puts the customer first and is not afraid to take risks and innovate. It looks like they are really blue sky thinkers, so nothing is taboo, and I want to work in such an atmosphere. That`s a good answer now. It`s probably longer than I would use myself, but it worked for him. He has what I consider a “professorial” personality, so it seems natural for him to number his answers and give a lot of details. If one of your interview weaknesses is that you don`t seem smart or competent enough when you speak, you can try using numbered lists like this. You can be so flexible with your work hours and work schedule on Amazon. You can work from home one day a week or take a few weeks off each year.

“My current job is great, but I think I can improve my skills at Amazon by sharing ideas with other talented engineers and solving challenges on a larger scale. Also, I`ve always wanted to expand my master`s research project in terms of home automation, smart meters, and big data, and I think Amazon`s Alexa department can give me the only way to leverage these topics and even help Amazon open up a new business opportunity. “For example, a certain technology that they have that you want to work with, or a specific product, software, platform that you want to develop because you see the potential and value for the end customer.” I want to work for Amazon for several reasons: 1. The most important reason I want to work for Amazon is the kind of impact I can have. Amazon has revolutionized every industry it`s ever stepped into, from the way we shop, Amazon Prime, the way we buy fresh food and produce, Amazon fresh, to cloud computing – AWS. 2. Additionally, I`ve spent a decade in the consumer goods industry, holding leadership positions in sales and marketing, so I can see that Amazon is in a very interesting area at the intersection of speed and reach. The possibilities are enormous. 3. During my time at an FMCG organization, I developed the passion and curiosity to learn and understand consumer behavior and develop marketing strategies to delight customers. It`s really about putting yourself in the consumer`s shoes in order to gain their trust.

4. At work, I like to dive deep and stay connected with the details. And from what I`ve learned, Amazon is a very data-driven company. 5. Versatility has been a hallmark of my career. I am good at diving into new industries and applying this knowledge to achieve superior results. I`m attracted to Amazon because it`s a customer-centric culture. I think that focus on the customer has made Amazon successful, and that`s something I try to experience in my work. My goal has always been to work for a company that puts the customer first, and I believe Amazon is the perfect place to grow my career. I`ve worked with a lot of people who have applied to Amazon recently — they`re certainly on a hiring tour — so I`ve collected sample responses to “Why do you want to work at Amazon?” I`d love to work at Amazon because I think I can help the company open up a new business opportunity in the home automation space [it would be better to be even more specific here and say exactly what niche in home automation that would fill].

Since the Alexa section is working on home automation, I can expand my master`s research project on home automation, smart meters and big data. [Again, it would be better to be more specific and say what idea you have in this area.] At Amazon, you have the opportunity to balance your professional life with your personal life. You don`t need to work in an office environment all day. You can work from home one day a week or take a few weeks off each year. In addition to Amazon`s technological advantages, I appreciate its customer-centric approach. It`s something I try to experience in my work, and I believe it`s a key ingredient to Amazon`s success. I would be proud to join a company where the customer comes first in everything it does. I want to work at Amazon because I`m fascinated by their innovative approach to problem solving. I believe that new ideas and technologies are the engine of tomorrow`s businesses. With Amazon`s focus on innovation, I think it`s a great place to learn more about what it takes to succeed in this ever-changing landscape. At Amazon, you have the opportunity to work in different roles and departments.

You can choose to work in customer service, fulfillment, marketing, or IT. The possibilities here are endless. The second thing you should refer to is your career plan. What role does the position you are trying to achieve at Amazon play in your life? And is AWS your ultimate goal or do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Maybe you`ve done a similar job, but with the second best company — because everyone is the second best after Amazon — you should at least claim it in interviews. And now you feel ready to work with the best. “Amazon is the most customer-centric and innovative company in the world and I want to be part of the movement that is Amazon.” It is recommended to create a basic plan with keywords to make it easier to remember. This way, when you do a virtual interview, you can have a note with the key points you want to address.