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13 Dec

Words with Legal at the End

One who assists a solicitor in his routine legal work but who does not have the qualified status of solicitor or barrister (England and Wales), solicitor (United States) or solicitor; more commonly known as Legal Assistant in the United States. At first glance, it seems consistent with the legal profession, but in reality, it lacks competence or contempt for its values. A list of words that end in legal for Scrabble and can also be used when playing Words With Friends. Here is a list of words that end in legal in all different lengths. Tip: Click one of the words below to view the definition. All words marked in GREEN exist in SOWPODS and TWL dictionaries, and words highlighted in RED exist only in SOWPODS, PURPLE only in TWL, and BLUE only in WWF. In terms of psychological aspects of law enforcement or simply… Contrary to or prohibited by law, especially criminal law. act outside the law; not regulated by law; anarchic. Not related to law; not related to the practice of the lawyer.